CPAP Blacksburg and Alexandria

CPAP Blacksburg and Alexandria

While the core of the Ph.D. program is the dissertation, the Doctor of Philosophy degree formally requires a minimum of 90 credit hours. CPAP Ph.D. students take a series of Foundation courses in five Core Areas: context of public administration, organization, policy, management, and ethics; and five advanced courses we call Advanced Topics courses and Capstone Seminars. At least six credit hours must be completed or transferred in at the Foundation level in each core area except Ethics, which requires three credits. Ph.D. students also participate in the Doctoral Mentoring Program (DMP) in Alexandria or Blacksburg. In the addition to course work and DMP sessions, several PhD milestones need to be completed.

Foundation Courses (18 hours)

Advanced Courses (15 hours)

Measurement and Analysis (6 hours)

Elective Courses (9 hours)

Research Concentration (12 hours)

Qualifying Examination

Dissertation Hours

See the Policy Guide for additional information about CPAP’s Ph.D. Program in Alexandria and Blacksburg.